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What Are The Different Types Of EDM?

What are the Different Types of EDM?

Music possesses a unique magical virtue that no other inanimate object has. Something with just tunes and instrumentally created beats has the ability to suck the negativity out of you to regrow life within. Although music can be considered an artistic creation with no apparent form, the amorphous presence it holds is breathed to life through the souls inspired by these tunes and lyrics. Many genres have created massive waves in the industry over the years, and the modern-day culture has its roots mostly in EDM. The current generation is nourishing their souls with the upbeat music created by the artists. Various modes of EDM are being launched these days to expand the space it has created in the past few years.

As fashion and music have become international aspects influencing people, the artists also have to bear the onus of keeping the songs politically correct. However, not every creation adheres to these requirements, and that is why independent music exists. This is one field where you get to express your concerns and resentments through deeply meaningful lyrics. EDM, on the other hand, is the genre that lightens the mood and lifts your spirits. Let us look at the different types of EDM every aspiring artist must learn about.


This is one of the types of electronic dance music that started making a mark in the late 1980s in the US. Although many other styles have been introduced since then, they are only subgenres of Detroit techno.



A tempo that lies between 100 bps and 125 bps defines this genre of electronic music. It came into being in India and Germany in the 1990s. Heightened consciousness in a hypnotized state is the emotion this music genre evokes. Although all these are elements that people love in a trance track, it is often combined with other forms of music such as techno.


Trap is a subgenre characterized by unique sounds and lyrics, and it was first played in the southern US in the 1990s. It assimilated with EDM to remix various versions of the music.

Glitch Hop

Glitch hop was developed from the abused digital audio recording devices such as electric hum, CD skipping, software bugs, and digital distortion. It first made its mark in the late 1990s.

Industrial Music

New music and sound patterns were introduced with this electronic music genre named so in the mid-1970s. This music style is mostly referred to as a harsh and challenging genre that fuses various faces of electronic music and rock.

Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass

Jungle and rave scenes were the origin of the drum and bass genre launched in the 1990s in the UK. Heavy sub basslines and bass with fast breakbeats are the attractive features of this subgenre. This type of music became more popular with the growth in interest for dance.

The other types of electronic music include chillout, house, deep house music, dubstep, and hardstyle.

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