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The Process Behind The Production Of Electronic Music

The process behind the production of Electronic Music

Electronic music is hands down one of the most popular genres today. Whether you are chilling in your room by yourself, or on the dance floor with your friends, EDM will bring up the energy. With the repetitive beats and intense sounds, EDM is pretty easy to vibe with, and the best part is that it can even be produced by you, from the comfort of your own house. Let us take a look at the basic things that you must do to make great pieces of Electronic Music.

To produce Electronic music, you would require software that will help you create or organize sounds and notes and manipulate them to develop something that sounds musical. Finding a good Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) does not mean that you are immediately ready to put together your first song.

If you are unfamiliar with this area, the most obvious step would be to familiarise yourself with the software and learn all the tips and tricks associated with it. With YouTube freely available to teach you almost anything, this wouldn’t be much of an issue. Pick a video that you think would work well for you, and thoroughly familiarise yourself with the software. As we said before, do not promptly assume that you’ll learn everything while you make your first song.


Now that you know your basics and you feel well equipped to tackle the software, start trying out stuff. Proceed with whatever your heart tells you to do, go wild. This experimenting will help you become even better acquainted with the tools available at your disposal.

You can finally start creating music on your DAW. No, it might not necessarily turn out to be music in your first few tries. But, you know, there is always a learning curve. You will learn from your mistakes and to help you with your process, turn to music theories to learn more about what you are creating and bring order to a possibly chaotic world. Learn mixing to make your creation more appealing and exciting.

Once you seriously start creating Electronic Music, do not forget to listen to what others have to say about the songs you made. If you can find experts, ask their help or ask your friends who are avid listeners of EDM. Figure out which elements of your song work and which don’t, what the listeners like and dislike and what will make your songs even more exciting to the human ears. Upload on websites with music enthusiasts who will gladly give you their feedback. If you do get the opportunity, create collaborations with other artists, not necessarily from the EDM genre. Create something new, something different, that both your listeners would enjoy.

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