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Disc One

00. Zabiela Intro ‘More than just playing records’
01. Edward Shearmur’s ‘Taxi Ride’ (JZ DJ Re-edit)
02. Sunday Brunch ‘My World’ (Nightdrive Mix)
03. Earth Deuley ‘Spacial Gathering’
04. Natural Rhythm ‘Your World’
05. Q6 ‘Out In The Shed’
06. lanoiraude ‘j.j scenario’
07. Animated ‘Come On’
08. Jigga What ‘Sleepless’
09. Echomen ‘Thru 2 You’ (Bushwacka! Remix)
10. Maffia Soundsystem ‘Fact Da Floor’
11. Timmy S ‘..he’s in the bar’
12. ODD ‘Don’t Look at Me’ (Paul Rogers Dub)
* Space Manoeuvres ‘Stage One’ Accapella
13. Bermuda Triangle ‘Tay Do 22’

Disc Two

00. Zabiela Intro
01. Simon & Levin ‘Gone’
02. Dave Robertson ‘Slang for Funky’
03. The Silence ‘Acid Attack’
04. PJ Davy ‘Call it what you like’
* Halo Varga ‘Future’
05. PJ Davy ‘Freezing Point’ (Dave Robertson Remix)
06. Aphasia ‘Acapulco’
07. Dave Brennan ‘Drink Deep’ (Zabiela’s Vox Version)
* Buck meets Dub Theory Sound ‘Bwoy Vol 1’ (Dub Theory Outro)
08. Bushwacka! ‘Break your Face’ (Plank)
09. Star Spangled Banner ‘Mr Negative’ (Freestyle Man Thirsty Monk Mix)
10. Ebon ‘Sleepless 2’ (Original Tribal Mix)
11. Ant ‘Process Cyan Min’
12. Aidan Lavelle / Mode ‘Eli’

3×12″ [HOOJLP016]

A1. PJ Davy ­ Freezing Point (Dave Robertson Remix)
A2. Bermuda Triangle ­ Tai Do 22
B1. Dave Robertson ­ Slang For Funky
B2. Animated ­ Come On
C1. Simon & Levin ­ Gone
C2. Ebon ­ Sleepless 2 (Original Tribal Mix)
D1. Bushwacka! ­ Break Your Face
D2. Ant ­ Process Cyan Min
E1. Lanoiraude ­ J.J. Scenario
E2. Earth Deuley ­ Spacial Gathering
F1. The Silence ­ Acid Attack
F2. Natural Rhythm ­ Your World

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